Ruth Ganev Photography - Portsmouth, New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

A wedding is your special day, and should be celebrated in your unique style. Since my style leans towards fashion, beauty and epic photos, if you are a fashionista with a bit of a dramatic flare, we will get along great! My assistant and I will also capture all of those incredibly special candid moments of you and your partner, as well as capturing photos of all the wedding party and the guests. I sincerely believe that we are here to serve you, so as the day progresses, if things change, if the timeline changes, if hiccups happens, which is inevitable, that is OK, we will work with you and your wishes. You can expect us to be a calming influence throughout your day and you will get beautiful, timeless photos that you will love for years to come. Call or schedule a free consultation (718) 928-5663 or email me at