Photoshoots at the Beach

One of the best things about where I live, is that there are a myriad of beaches. I absolutely love doing photoshoots at the beach. I love doing photos on the rocks and jetties. Even at high noon, I have gotten some photos that I love.

I took the photo on the right close to noon. The secret is to make sure the sun is behind the subject. This is not something that you can do with an iphone - shooting directly in to the light. With a good digital camera, you can. In this photo I let the background blow out. You only get a hint of the sand and water. I purposely took the photo this way, as it is a great way to make your subject the main focus and it gives the photo a bit of a dreamy quality to it. If I wanted to maintain more detail in the background, I would add a hint of flash.

The photo below was taken as the sun was setting, still plenty of sunshine and nice and bright. As you can see, it was a very windy day and I faced the model into the wind and used it to create some movement and drama in the photo. There is more detail in the background because the sun was setting. I love the dreamy feel to this photo. Just be careful walking on those rocks!!